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Kidney dysfunction is not an uncommon issue in pets – especially as they age. Though there can be several causes of Kidney dysfunction, one main cause can be dryness. In this guide from us at Concord Veterinary Clinic serving Concord, CA, we explain what signs to watch for that indicate trouble.

How Does Dehydration Cause Kidney Failure in Pets?

Kidneys play very important roles in the body. They help get rid of waste, maintain your pet’s red blood cells, filter blood, and more. However, to do these jobs, the blood must flow to the kidneys. When it’s not flowing well or enough, the kidneys start to shut down.

Dryness can severely impact how much and how well the blood flows through the kidneys – potentially leading to Kidney dysfunction. And sadly, when the kidneys aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to more severe dryness which may lead to death.

Signs of Kidney Failure

One of the earliest red flags of Kidney dysfunction may not be obvious as being linked to the kidneys. You’ll notice that your pet wants to drink more water – it will seem a great deal like they just played too much and are really thirsty. And then, of course, they’ll need to potty more.

You might begin to notice more of an issue when your pet is having sudden accidents that they’ve not had since they were a puppy. It might be a good idea to get to a veterinarian at this point for a diagnosis.

Later, you may begin to notice your pet is lethargic and possibly vomiting more. They won’t want to eat, may stop urinating, and may have trouble passing stools.

Visit Us for More Information from Our Veterinarian about Dehydration Signs and Diagnosis

If you notice any of the red flags above in your pet, visit us so our veterinarian can help. Call us for Concord Veterinary Clinic serving Concord, CA, at (925) 338-2375 to schedule an appointment for an exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan for your pet.


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