Heartworm Prevention & Treatment

Heartworm is a serious condition that affects far too many pets.

It is caused by a parasite, and when it enters your pet’s body, it can affect their heart, lungs, and blood vessels. They can also cause damage to other organs. Heartworm can be fatal, so schedule annual visits at Concord Veterinary Clinic to keep your pets safe.

How Do Pets Get Heartworm?

Pets can get heartworm if they are bitten by an infected mosquito. After the initial bite, it can take months for the larvae to develop into mature heartworms. This disease cannot be transmitted from one pet to another. If a mosquito bites an animal with heartworm, that mosquito won’t become infected and then infect another animal. This condition can only be spread after the heartworm goes through an incubation period.

Keep Your Pet From Getting Heartworm

If your pet is going to live a long and healthy life, heartworm prevention is essential.  There are a few ways that you can keep your pet from developing heartworm. These include:

  • Annual visits to the veterinarian: You should schedule an appointment with the vet every year. During the exam, your pet will be tested for heartworm. This will allow the vet to catch it early before any serious damage occurs.
  • Preventative medication: Preventative medication is essential in protecting your pet from getting heartworm. It comes in an oral or topical form and can protect your pet. If your pet has already been infected, preventative medications will not help.
  • Keep mosquitoes away from your home: A great way to keep your pet from getting heartworm is to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Mosquitoes are drawn to standing water; therefore, you should make sure that any flowerpots, buckets, and children’s toys are empty.
  • Outdoor bug control: When spring begins, you should have a company come spray your property with insecticide to kill the mosquitoes. The insecticide is pet-friendly, so you will not need to worry about your pets getting sick when they are out in the yard.

Treating Heartworm

If your pet has been infected with heartworm, treatment is essential in the early stages. The sooner your pet is treated, the less chance there is of your pet experiencing permanent organ damage. Our vet will give your pet an injectable drug that kills adult parasites in the heart and the blood vessels. The medication is delivered in a series of doses. Your pet’s medication schedule will depend on the severity of their condition.

Get Heartworm Prevention and Treatment in Concord, CA

We know you want to keep your pet healthy and Dr. Chhina is here to help. We can test your pet for heartworm and provide treatment if needed. We can also prescribe products to help prevent these parasites from affecting your pet. Call our team at Concord Veterinary Clinic today at (925) 338-2375 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chhina.