Microchipping in Concord

Concord Veterinary Clinic offers microchipping services that can reunite you with your cat or dog if they become lost. Our veterinarian in Concord does all the work required to insert the microchip. We also provide all the information you need to properly register your contact information. This allows the registry service to reunite you when someone finds your furry pal.

Why Choose Microchipping Services?

At Concord Veterinary Clinic, we are happy to offer microchipping services to our patients. Many thousands of pets go missing every year. However, they often cannot find their way home without help. alleviate that helpless feeling that comes with losing a loved one by preventing this from happening to your animal.

Microchipping services provide a simple, effective way to allow you and your pet to find each other if you become separated. In a standard, outpatient procedure, the vet puts the microchip underneath your pet’s skin. It doesn’t cause them pain or discomfort and the fast procedure requires little or no downtime for recovery.

The microchip carries your pet’s vital health information as well as your contact information. This makes it easy for pet shelters to read the microchip and contact you.

Microchipping Services in Concord

What Is a Pet Microchip?

Microchips are transponders placed within a tiny glass cylinder. Our veterinarian typically implants the microchip between your pet’s shoulder blades. Containing a unique identification number, the transponder identifies your cat or dog.

Best of all, microchips don’t require batteries. When scanned, they transmit your pet’s ID and other information. High-quality microchips can last for 25 years, so you don’t have to replace them during your pet’s lifetime. Remember to register your cat or dog so it’s easy to find you if your pet becomes lost.

Do Microchips Track the Animal’s Location?

No. Installing a GPS tracker requires constant power. Microchips are much easier to maintain. However, they won’t tell you your pet’s location if you become separated.

Concord, CA Microchipping Services

Should I Replace My Pet’s Microchip?

Your pet’s microchip does not require any intervention on your part. Maintenance-free microchipping services only require pet parents to update their contact information. So, if you move or change your phone number, it’s important to update the registry with your new information

Advantages of Working With Concord Veterinary Clinic

Our caring staff and highly skilled veterinarian make us one of the best choices for microchipping services in Concord, CA.

We have a highly trained staff that knows the best procedures and techniques needed to care for your pet. Additionally, modern equipment makes microchipping pain-free and stress-free for your dog or cat.

We embrace an individual approach because we know that each pet is as unique as their paw prints. Moreover, new and existing customers receive the same approach based on individual cats and dogs’ needs.

Meet the Vet

Dr. Harman Chhina offers comprehensive wellness care as well as microchipping services to our customers in Concord. At Concord Veterinary Clinic, we maintain a kid-friendly and pet-friendly environment to help keep you and your pet calm and comfortable.