Pet Dental FAQs

One important action to take when caring for your pets is tending to their teeth.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a multitude of medical difficulties from soreness in the mouth to tooth loss. If you need assistance with pet dental care, contact Concord Veterinary Clinic in Concord, CA, to make an appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Chhina.

Why Is It Important To Care For A Pet’s Teeth?

If you do not take the time to inspect and clean your pet’s teeth regularly, they could easily develop medical issues because of bacteria buildup in the mouth.

Tartar will adhere to the teeth and push its way under the gums. When this happens, the roots of the teeth are affected.

This leads to potential tooth loss, as well as pain and discomfort in the mouth. During teeth cleaning sessions you will have the opportunity to check your pet’s teeth closely. If you notice a tooth is loose or broken, you should schedule an appointment for pet dental care at our practice right away.

What Actions Can I Take At Home To Perform Dental Care?

Make it a priority to brush your pet’s teeth daily. Dogs and cats tend to enjoy the taste of meat-flavored pet toothpaste. Purchase this, along with a pet toothbrush at a local pet supply store or online. If your pet does not allow you to brush its teeth, an alternative is to use pet dental wipes.

Brush or wipe your pet’s teeth after mealtime to remove food remnants before they have a chance to harden into plaque or tartar. Tartar control treats are an excellent option to help remove bacteria from your pet’s teeth.

What Will Our Vet Do To Help If An Issue Arises?

During cleaning sessions, check your pet’s teeth for issues that could cause distress for your pet. If you notice a problem, our vet is available to handle any emergencies and dental issues in our clinic.

If surgery is required, your pet may need to come back for a subsequent appointment. Our veterinarian is also available to clean your pet’s teeth during the visit. We offer competitive rates for pet dental services and extractions.

Pet Dental Care in Concord, CA

Contact Concord Veterinary Clinic if you need help with teeth cleaning or if your dog or cat has a dental issue that requires veterinary intervention. Call our animal clinic today at (925) 338-2375 to find out more.