Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Like us, our pets can experience eye infections caused by many things.

Therefore, it is essential to see a veterinarian for pet eye infections to help return your dog to good health and prevent further damage to their vision.

Concord Veterinary Clinic serves pet parents in Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, and Lafayette, offering guidance and assistance with eye infections and other pet health-related concerns. Following are the answers to several questions we have received about pet eye infections.

What Causes Pet Eye Infections?

Pet eye infections can be caused by several things, including illness, bacteria, viruses, fungus, injury, parasites, irritants, and small objects in the eye. Other causes may include their fur constantly rubbing the eyes and tumors. Some pets have congenital disabilities, such as entropic eyelids when the eyelashes continuously rub the eyeball, which often leads to infection. Conditions such as dry eye, vitamin deficiency, and glaucoma can also lead to eye infections.

What are the Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections?

Symptoms of pet eye infections include:

  • Redness and swelling of the eye and eyelids
  • Constant rubbing of the eyes
  • Watery or thick discharge from the eyes
  • The third eyelid becomes swollen and visible
  • Lack of interest in eating, playing, or being touched on the head
  • Squinting or holding one eye closed (especially when in bright light)

Will a Pet Eye Infection Go Away on Its Own?

Typically, pet eye infections do not improve over time without medical attention. To prevent further pain and discomfort for your pet, call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment so your pet can get the medical care it needs.

Can I Give My Pet Eye Drops?

Do not give your pet human medications of any type, including eye drops. Human eye drops will not work and could poison your pet. Instead, only administer medicines to your pet that have been given under the supervision of your veterinarian.

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